Innovative Embedded Instrumentation, Automation & IOT Solutions

At Spectrochem Instruments we design, develop and manufacture intelligent innovative embedded system based solutions for instrumentation & Automation, Robotics, Scientific & Analytical  applications. We have more than Tweny five years expertise in designing & manufacturing cutting edge micro controller products for diverse fields. 

We specialize in Hardware & embedded system design, software development across Windows, MAC OS, Linux, mobile platforms (IOS, Android & windows Mobile). Our R & D effort is recognized by Govt of India Dept of Scientific, Industrial & Research (DSIR). We have state of Art Calibration & test equipment from Agilent, Wave soldering & SMT Reflow soldering facility.

Our other specilization is in Remote connectivity and control. India’s first comercial IOT solution (Online Ambient Air Quality monitor) was designed, built & commissioned by us for the Andhra Pradesh Govt in the year 2003 and was inaugurated by then Honorable Chief Minister Mr Chandra Babu Naidu.

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