Analytical Instrumentation

Our chairman Dr.T.H.Rao was the first person to bring AAS & ICP into the Indian market. He has vast experience in Instrumental Analysis using AAS & ICP. we have combined this with our expertise in embedded systems to deliver state of art Analytical Instruments that match the best international brands. We have the distinction of supplying more that 100 Auto gas boxes with zero accident record. We again take pride in stating that till date we have sold & commissioned more than 180 Hydride Generators/VGA's across all major AAS brands. We can manufacture nebulizers for any make of AAS. Our most sold nebulizer is the Varian model.

VGA Gen1 Big

Our Hudride generator with GBC 902 AAS

Auto Gasbox for AAS

Hydride Generator for AAS

Nebulizers for AAS & ICP

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