Our Gasbox evolution

Our first gas box was built in 1994. We built this unit with relays wired as interlocks and this model was supplied as technology demonstrator to M/s ECIL. The first production unit was based on the 8085 micro processor. We sold more than 30 unit of this design. 

This product was discontinued and subsequently replaced by our second generation auto gas box in 2002. This system was based on the two ATMEL AVR RISC micro controllers, ATMEGA8535 & ATTINY2313. The second generation  units were designed for M/s ELICO Ltd. and sold more than 25 units.

The third generation unit (10 sold) was based on a single micro controller ATMEL ATMEGA128, this unit was the beginning of the auto flame control systems. The flame luminosity characterization and ratio-metric oxidant  & fuel control required more processing power and also enhancement in safety procedures. 

The fourth generation (current system) employs three high performance ATMEL RISC micro controllers, ATMEGA128, and two ATMEGA88's. M128 is the master controller while the M88's are the slave controllers dedicated to driving the proportional solenoid valves using phase correct accurate 10 bit PWM. The master controller monitors the flame luminosity and produces balanced ratio-metric oxidant  fuel mixture. Till date we have sold more than 40 of these units.

The high cost of Proportional valves have prompted us to develop the 5th generation unit. This unit features variable orifice valves controlled by precision steppers in feed back control. Two valves are employed, one for fuel & the other for Oxidant. This unit is currently under evaluation and will be launched shortly.

Finally we proudly state that during the last 16 years we have not had a single accident. This definitely speaks of the safety features our system has and the care and dedication we take in designing & producing high technology equipment.

Auto Gasbox Control

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