Bioreactors & Fermentors


We started manufacture of bioreactors in India in the year 2003. Our bioreactor project is funded by department of Science & technology (DST), TIFAC under the HGT program. 

Except for the sensor electrodes, we manufacture the complete product in-house. The system control electronics is based on the state of art embedded microcontroller technology. Our Systems are based on our very own proprietary control algorithm "Reactive Logic". This is much more superior to the PID or fuzzy logic control systems available.

We can design and manufacture special application reactors from desk top to very large systems. Our expertise in embedded control systems can help in reducing the control system cost drastically.

Stir-Tank Bioreactors

Photo Bioreactors

Airlift Bioreactors

Fluid & Packed bed Reactors

Bioreactor Accessories

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