Airlift & Bubble coloumn Reactors

Shear sensitive cell systems require special reactors. Air lift reactor is aclass of reactors where no stirrer is employed & glass columns are employed as the vessel. The draft tube  divides the column into two halves one for inflow & the other for outflow. Addition of a circulation pump and a reservoir vessel facilitates adaptation of regular control systems adaptable. 

Our Airlift columns are designed with self supporting bottom pot that can accept 2-19L capacity columns. Sensors are integral with double walled bottom pothaving provision for temperature control & Sterilization. The areation is through 4G glass fit discs embedded into a steel cup for easy cleaning and replacement. Our system design permits use of different size & porosities frit discs. This enhances the Oxygen transfer by reducing the bubble size and the residence time the bubble stays in the column.

Salient features

Fully integrated electronic control unit.

Dedicated 2-3L or User requirement  reservoir vessel

Unique column top cap with instrumentation ports

Warp around and/or hang down light source with RGB or Warm white Highintensity LED strips

Our proven Aditive color mixing, color and intensity  control electronics

Two or four Peristaltic Pump system with pH, DO & CO2 control and measurement

Oilfree Air Compressor 20-50Lit

Online CO2 Analyzer with exit gas sampling

Steam generator for CIP & SIP

Custom airlift reactor column volume.


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