CIP & SIP System

CIP & SIP System


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A Pre-fill steam generator for insitu sterilization is controlled by the our fermenter electronic unit. The sterilization is achieved by circulating steam through SS316 jacket of the vessel. The host microcontroller may be programmed under the sterilization routine for temperatures in the range of 115 to 125 Deg C and pressure in the range of 10 to 15 psig. Our unique design ensures that the user need not connect & disconnect the temperature control circulation tubing or the Steam sterilization tubing from the vessel jacket. 

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System Mechanical Specifications:

The system is fabricated out of seamless 316L grade Stainless steel tube of 500 mm long, 5mm wall thickness, the burst pressure of the tube is certified as 2800psi. The bottom and top end cups are dish ends fabricated out of 5mm sheet of SS316L and welded to both the ends of the tube as per ASME standards. The bottom end is provided with three ports for accommodating 2KW or 1KW heaters that are inserted from the bottom, the complete unit is Trolley mounted with ground clearance of 200mm for ease of maintenance. The total heater capacity is 3KW or 6KW as per application requirement and ordered part nos requiring a three phase and Neutral connection with a 20Amp rated MCB.

The water requirement for the system is 3-4 liters per hour and adequate volume is available so that the system provides continuous steam at 50psi to sterilize up to 50L bioreactors one at a time. The system can run for 6-7 hours continuously and required recharge of water, Similarly if one wants to use it at a CIP unit, steam at a pressure of 30-40psi can be directed through a nozzle to any vessel requiring steam clean up.


The system is fitted with manual safety valve and pressure transducer with appropriate stem output valves. The manual safety valve is calibrated and set for 60 psi or 4Kg/Cm. 

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