Water circulation system


Dual Channel P.I.D temperature controller for HOT & COLD  water circuits with independent tanks, Pumps & control valves for returning the circulation to the respective tanks i,e HOT, COLD or TAP. Dwell time control to maximise heat transfer.

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  •  Based on embedded high performance, ATMEL ATMEGA88 RISC microcontroller.
  • Twin LM35 temperature sensors
  • Independent 2 channel control loops
  • Independent hot, cold & Tap water insulated tanks.
  • Independent hot, cold & tap water circulation pumps.
  • Twin 45 Amp solid state relay mounted on front face controls input power to heater & chiller compressor
  • Dedicated 16 X 2 backlit, alpha numeric liquid crystal display with 4 button keyboard.
  • Completely configured system, just need to connect vessel inlet & outlet.

Hot Cold & Tap water circulation System Brochure

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