Fluid  & Packed bed reactor

Packed bed reactors

Packed bed reactors are  for carrying out bio-processes by immobilized bio-catalysts. Such catalyst material is presumed to be  special in nature and spears when loaded will  provide static anchorage. The active medium can be fed from the bottom or top of the column and forms a continuous liquid phase between particles.

Fluid bed reactors

In Fluid bed reactors  materials of different physical form are employed to conduct chemical reactions, for obtaining products of interest. To conduct chemical reactions in a heterogeneous medium, the dispersions of various reacting substances uniformly requires various techniques. Fluidization is one such method. The heterogeneous mass is dispersed uniformly and kept moving to favor the mass transfer for the reactions to take place.

Salient features

Glass reaction column with Teflon end cups.

High flow circulation peristaltic pump.

Electronic control unit for pH & temperature.

Twin variable speed peristaltic pumps.

2L reaction vessel connected to reaction column.

Air compressor with 50L storage tan

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