Photo Bioreactors

Stir Tank Photo Bioreactor with Glass - in Glass vessel

We have developed & installed photo bioreactors during the past four years. We produce  …

Parallel Plate type

Stir Tank Type

Our Parallel reactors have uniform illumination over the entire area. The light sources are high power LED arranged in a matrix for homogenous and uniform light distribution. The light control can be daylight like, constant illumination or scheduled, in all cases has feedbck from an integrated light sensor place before the Glass/Polycarbonate flate plate wall. We provide these tanks either in glass or polycarbonate with Silicone Gaskets. The flat plate reactors are not Autoclave sterilisable, however SIP may be employed.

On the otherhand our Stir Tank Photo bioreactors are steam sterilisable and are also autoclave sterilisable. The light strips need to be removed for sterilisation, however the Quartz hang down tubes need not be removed  for sterilisation. All control features of Standard STBR are available  for Photo Bioreactors also.

The LED light control, the light engine are all in-house designed & manufactured by us. We have Warm white LED panels  where  individual LED chips are arranged in extensibale matrix form, Similar is the case of RGB LED light engine, each RGB LED can be 1W or 3W depending on the desired lux. Dedicated Microcontroller provides the PWM dimming and color mixing  for both Warm White LED & RGB LED light engines.

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