Stir tank bioreactor

25L ALL SS316 Vessel


Reconditioned New Brunswick Vessel, skid mounted

Complete System


Our Exlectonics & Control System with New Brunswick All SS316 25L  reconditioned vessel

We first introduced STBR’s  in the year 2004, our range is wide from 2L to 100L, the most popular are our 2-15L benchtop research reactors and have the distinction of introducing variable speed continuous duty four Peristaltic pump system with our very own propritery Reactive logic (DCS) Distributed Control System.

Our vessel design with Silicone Gasket & Teflon flange protective colar ensures long duration continuous and safe operation with zero breakages, the SS316L grade jacket allows Insitu sterilization also so that handling of the vessel system is minimal. We provide total instrumentation solution, ready for operation with complete accessories and supplies like filters etc, all the sub systems are developed in house and we guarantee the complete system. Our systems support both standalone operation and simultaneous PC interfaced operation, we can also provide remote control operation of the complete system (through Cloud). All system parameters such as pH, DO, Temperature, Vessel Pressure, Agitation, Gas mixing, exit gas analysis, light source control can all be managed through our in-house developed control application software, this can be run on the current Windows, Linux and Mac OS . Our DCS system is more advanced by the conventional SCADA systems offered by most other competitors. Also most competitors continue to offer single speed ON/OFF operating peristaltic pumps which result in broth dilution due to excessive addition of reagents due to hunting in their control systems.

We can offer our Electronics & control systems for your existing vessels too thus minimising your cost of investment, can recondition your existing vessels. We also offer Glass in Glass jacketed vessels with hang down light sources for converting a existing Stir tank to a photo bioreactor.

Salient features:

Proprieatry Reactive logic control superior to PID

Glass vessel with protective features & SS316L jacket or All Glass vessels in multiple capacities

Four Stepper motor driven continuous duty variable speed Peristaltic Pumps

World’s first All Teflon 6 segment Ruston Turbine or other impellers as needed

Water circulation system with HOT, COLD & TAP water, with Dwell time control 

Integrated S.I.P with Insitu sterilazable vessel & control system

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