Embedded Systems

All our products are based on the latest in Embedded systems, we design develop & manufacture Instrumentation, Automation, Industrial controls, Remote Data Aquisition solutions. In our 25 plus years of providing cutting edge Embedded solutions have developed a number of practical easy to use circuit boarrds for our own use & third party requirements. We offer a number of these cards, kits, sensors, actuators based on popular micro controllers such as 8051, PIC & AVR. 

Our IOT Gateway board for Raspberry Pi 2, 12bit bipolar ADC, 8 Ch, 10 bit 0-5V adc 8Ch, RTC, EEPROM & All Io with Logic level conversion.

Our expertise in  building embedded systems for diverse hi-technology applications which include...

  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Medical & biotech Instrumentation
  • Lab, process & industrial automation and instrumentation
  • Weather and pollution monitoring
  • Defense projects

We offer…

 Microcontroller Kits

 Add on Boards

 Interface Boards

Power Supplies

 Robotic Kits

 Data Acquisition cards

 Actutators & Motor Drivers


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