Add-on boards

Add on boards are available for interface to our micro controller kits or can be interfaced even if you are bread boarding. They offer convenient interface connectivity.

4 7segdisp

A four seven segment LED display with built in driver & micro-controller ATTINY2313, accepts data serially through TTL serial port. The board is very compact and can be configured for host interface either through serial port using the TINY2313 or can be mapped to the host I/O.

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A Real time clock DS1307, based on IIC bus is an add-on to board. This board features a Li-Ion battery for maintaining time, even in absence of power.

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PT-100 Signal conditioner based on weatstone bridge and ADC0808 8 Ch 8 bit AD converter, with clock & reference circuit. Doesn’t include PT100 sensor

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Data acquisition system based on ADC0808 8Ch, 8 bit ADC, DAC0808 8 bit DAC, 8 Ch, MCP3208  8 Ch, 12 bit ADC, AD7895-10 1 Ch, 12bit bi-polar ADC (±10V), dedicated voltage reference for AD converter & D

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