Data Aquisition

Data acquisition & control are very important in many applications. We have developed many such cards for our automation requirements and are happy to offer these professionally designed cards. We can also design custom application specific data acquisition cards to suit you requirement. We can develop PC software for these cards for Windows, Linux & MAC OS. All the cards output standard ASCII comma separated values which can easily be imported into EXCEL, Hyper terminal, Mathmab etc.


A PIC 16F628 based Dallas 1Wire temperature/Humidity data logger with IIC EEPROM, RS232 serial communication & LCD 4 bit mode. The board can be used for networking temperature or humidity sensors on a multi-drop network. Simple to set-up and configure, each sensor has a unique 64 bit ID.

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Atmel AVR AT MEGA8535/M16 or M32 processor with 8 Ch-10 bit AD converter, 0-5V or 4-20mA analog inputs (jumper selectable) , Dual full duplex RS232 channels, LCD 4 bit mode, IIC EEPROM (8/16/32/64 KB), IIC DS1307 RTC with battery back-up for time keeping, ±12V @ 125mA DC-DC converter, twin SPDT 3mS fast acting relays,  4 Power MOSFETS for turning solenoids etc on/off.

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An AT89S52 micro controller based data acquisition system (ADC is MCP3208 12 bit 8Ch) with twin signal conditioner for Pressure sensors (INA125),  Keyboard interface, RS232 serial communication, LCD 4 bit mode, IIC EEPROM, Power MOSFETS for switching & controlling solenoids.

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ATMEL ATMEGA128 based, dual serial port,  twin MAX127 IIC bi-polar 12 bit ADC offering 8 ch each, 6 SPDT relays, LCD & 7 button keyboard, IIC RTC based on DS1307 with battery back-up, IIC EEPROM FM24C64.

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