Universal Microcontroller kits

At Spectrochem Instruments we design & develop a variety of applications & instruments based on embedded systems. A number of these applications require the latest embedded  rapid prototyping environment. It was for this requirement we designed these kits. All these boards are supported by good documentation & application examples. We have three categories, entry, advanced & professional level. All our boards are high quality glass epoxy, plated through boards produced on automatic wave soldering station. Each kit is rigorously tested for QC.


Entry level general purpose micro-controller development board designed to accept 40 pin DIP Ic's. We have now designed carrier boards to accommodate PIC, AVR & 8051 micro-controllers. The board supports ISP for All ATMEL AT89SXX and AVR controllers. For PIC the CPU plug-in board itself supports the ISP programming header. Programmer not included.

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GP Microcontroller Kit


Advanced mini universal micro-controller development bored available with plug-in CPU boards for 8051, PIC, dSPIC, AVR. Board mounted with 16 X 2 Alpha numeric display 4/8 bit interface, 4, 7 segment LED displays with drivers, 6 switches (interrupt logic), 8 LED's Relay & buzzer, Phillips RC5 TV remote transmitter & receiver circuit, MC3208 12 bit 8 ch ADC, uni-polar stepper motor driver, L293 dual H-Bridge DC motor driver, PWM + LPF for DAC, two channel servo motor ports, IIC EEPROM, DS1307 RTC with battery backup. ISP for 89SXX & AVR on board, ISP for PIC & dSPIC on CPU boards.

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Mini Universal Kit 


Professional universal micro-controller development board available with plug-in CPU boards having 64 pin EURO connectors. Choice of CPU boards are … AT89SXX, PIC's & dSPIC's, AVR’s. The board features interface for carrying out more than 250 experiments. Included are  ports for interfacing Graphics LCD T6963C and KS108,  Alpha numeric LCD, ADC, DAC, IIC EEPROM, DS1307 RTC with battery back-up, Phillips RC5 TV remote encoder/decoder, Audio amplifier, Amplifier & LPF for 10 bit PWM DAC, 8 seven segment displays with MAX7219 SPI interface, GPS, GSM interface, 8 LED's with drivers, 8 switches, RS232, Rs485 

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Universal Kit 

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