Home Automation

One of the largest, a  30,000 sft home we had automated, Lighting, Air conditioning, Drapes, music and AV streaming.

We design, develop & manufacture cutting edge embedded micro controller based Home & building Automation solutions based on Wireless & wired solutions, our wireless system employ RF Radio transreceivers from leading pioneers like Digi’s Xbee or Amped RF Bluetooth or Wireless modules. Our Wired solutions are based on Propritery RS485 communication or bridging modules developed in house for connecting leading protocols like KNX (through our TP UART XBEE Bridge) or Smartbus. 

All our systems are totally modular scalable and most importantly retrofit able. We have multiple solutions to suit individual owner budget, our systems employ a common gateway which is plugged into the home wifi router, The gateway connected to the router can also accessed remotely from any part of the world. A static ip or Dynamic service like dans or no-ip services are employed and the appropriate gateway ip and port are port forwarded.

We can custom design & develop home automation applications for OEM & ODM clients. We can offer hardware based on Xbee, Wifi, Bluetooth & wired solutions based on RS485, CAN or even ethernet.



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