Air Conditioning

VRF  & VRV HVAC systems

We work with Multi-brands such asMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba & Dikin air conditioners.

HVAC systems are the biggest power guzzlers in any home. The efficiency of these systems depends on a number of technologies used in building them. The first and most important is the least number of moving parts. Only scroll compressors fit this bill, they have typically three moving parts, lesser moving parts, lesser the chances of breakdown due to wear and mechanical fatigue. 

Current trend is the DC operating compressor motor Based on the feedback from the sensors, the compressor rpm is governed by the VFD saving power. When the room where in the inverter AC is fitted has attained the required temperature set by the occupant, the compressor rpm is regulated, whereas in the conventional AC's it is toggled on and off. On and off control also creates power surges & extra current is consumed every time the compressor comes on.

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