Audio & Video

Our IR Blaster is a learning remote, the complete TV, Set top box, Amplifier, Projector, Blue ray player or DVD player controls can be learned, all these controls are made available through our integrated HA control App, for home theater we can integrate macros to realize single button operation for the complete sequence such as…

Projector ON

Amp ON

Blueray Player ON


AC Temperature Set

Lights Dimming

Simillarly a single button to shut off all these equipment, many macros can be customised as per the user requirements.

Our audio, video streaming & networking is based on APPLE Wi-Fi hardware i.e Airport express & extreme, Apple TV. The components used here are...

 MAC mini computer

  Airport Extreme

  Airport Express

  Itunes software

  Apple TV

  your home theater + HDTV

  IPhone, iTouch or IPad

Apple TV gives you access to an-easy to navigate world of entertainment. Listen to your iTunes music, show off your photos, connect one HDMI cable and just like that, Apple TV turns your TV into so much more. You can wirelessly control your music on Apple TV as you walk around your home.

Airport express can be plugged directly into the wall for wireless internet connectivity, or USB wireless printing. It also features AirTunes, which works with iTunes to give users a simple and inexpensive way to wirelessly stream iTunes music. It includes a built-in combination digital and analog audio connector for connecting home stereo or powered speakers.

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