Our soution is based on distributed control architecture, this in very simple terms refers to a de-centralized, independent system  that are on smart wireless networks like Xbee or WiFi. The complete building can be controlled from a smart tablet like an Apple iPad, Android or Windows tablets, and yes even from your smart phone. Our system can simultaneously be operated wirelessly or even manually through conventional switches running on our safe DC bus interface, this will prevent shock, arc spark in switches. The last command either wirelessly sent or manually operated has the precedence over the last action. We understand your concern, cannot expect your maid to operate a tablet or a smartphone.

Our home automation solution can save more than 60% wiring costs. This is because un-like the other systems our systems can be conveniently located within the automation space (room) itself. Our system electronics can be fitted into the room wall itself in a modular 4, 6, 8 or a 12 module wall box. A conventional home automation system requires the appliance control wires to be run to a server room, thus wires need to be drawn from the automation space to the distribution point or the server space.

Two types of slave cards are available, relay card & dimmer card. The relay card is normally employed for loads like tubes, CFI's, LED's etc. The dimmer card is employed for loads like resistive (Halogen lamps, incandescents), inductive(Dimmable CFI’s) or LED lights. One other card is RGB Mood lighting card for Coves facilitating additive colour mixing and dimming.

We offer the following under lighting controls…

Scene Controls

Lamp toggle


Mood lighting

Sequencing & scheduling

Landscape & Facade

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