Water management

Water is a scarce commodity these days, with almost no rains, conserving water is every home's biggest necessity. Our water management system is a sensor based system, the over head tank and sump are constantly monitored by precise level sensors. Unlike the water level  controllers commonly available, our system is based on the well proven hydro static capillary pressure sensing  technique or ultra sonic  sensors. This is totally  failsafe, no moving parts or electrodes to corrode.

An embedded micro controller monitors these sensors and signals the pumping system as and when required. Another important aspect in water conservation is the garden watering system. Here again we monitor the soil humidity based on which the drip irrigation is triggered. This way water consumption can be highly regulated conserving precious water.

Another product that we have developed if for solar water heating systems. Cloudy days create problems for solar heaters. It is for these situations most solar heaters are fitted with electric water heaters. Somebody need to remember to turn these heaters on on the days with cloud cast.

Our system tracks the ambient solar radiation using its own mini solar panel, also runs on the power produced by the same panel. It also measures the water temperature of the solar heater hot water tank, if it finds the water temperature below a pre set, it automatically turns it on (only if enough sunlight is not available). This way you will never have to bother about turning on or off the electric heater.

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