Prestigeous Projects 

At Spectrochem Instruments we have done a number of prestigious projects which have demonstrated our  deep commitment, dedication, & understanding of diverse highly complex customer requirements. These projects have earned us fame, name & respect in high technology applications.

Static rocket motor test bed DRDO

Rocket Static teststand

Instrumentation facility for monitoring ballistic evaluation missile (BEM) was designed & developed for monitoring, thrust, pressure, temperature & displacement during test firing. 

Spontaneous Ignition test apparatus (SITA) DRDL

SITA test

An instrument was designed for characterization of liquid rocket propellants. The aim was to determine auto ignition temperatures for different propellant mixtures.

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) DMRL


Our first project involving multiple microcontrollers for real time control & automation was developed for developing hi-grade ceramics using chemical vapor deposition.

Web enabled on-line pollution monitoring APPCB


We built India’s first IOT solution way back in 2003, a embedded microcontroller based web-enabled, on-line weather & pollution monitoring station for Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board.

Crawford Bomb for Solid rocket propellants

DSC 0244

Determination of  propellant burn rate generally known as strand burn rate testing is an important parameter in the design of solid propellants  for rocket (missile) motors. (Project  for DRDO)

Xbee AMR System for Energy meters New Delhi Airport

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) based on Xbee from Digi for GMR New Delhi Airport T3 & T1, the most challenging environment is an Airport with 24 X 7 multiple frequencies, here we have successfully deployed a Xbee 865Mhz and a Xbee2.4GHz network for Round the clock continuous Energy meter reading. Our unique Xbee to MODBUS Rs485 converter is employed, similarly we also employed a Iridium SBD modem for connecting remote meters.

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