Smart city Solutions Parking

Our smart parking solutions help maximise utilization of the parking space for Off Street parking. We offer intelligent SMART RGB Parking slot occupancy sensing & display with our integrated solution that houses Bright RGB led’s to indicate the status of the parking slot i.e empty or occupied and the category it is meant for such as…

  • Regular
  • VIP
  • Handicapped
  • Ladies

Our occupancy sensing is available in multiple technologies such as…

  • Ultrasonic (Overhead)
  • Infrared (Burried or Overhead)
  • Earth Magnetic Field (Burried) 

We can customise the units as per the individual requirements, these are usually manufactured as wired solutions (RS485) however can also offer them as RF wireless devices. We also manufacture the Zonal controllers or what we term the aggregators.

Parking Space RGB LED  Indicators

Zonal Controller

LED Display Boards

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