Smart city Solutions Online Ambient Air Quality & Weather

India’s first indigenous web enabled online Air quality monitor & Met station. The then honorable chief minister Mr.N.Chandrababu Naidu launched our product on the world environment day 5th June 2003. Truely the first IOT solution as early as 2003.

Tthe system can be totally customizable to the user’s specific need. As a standard feature we offer up to eight sensors. Another eight can be added without any extra hardware modifications to the system. Apart from the air quality monitoring, the system can also provide MET data. Adding MET sensors will not however reduce the available provision for a total of 16 Air quality sensors. We provide five MET parameters. These are...

  1. 1)  Temperature
  2. 2)  Humidity
  3. 3)  Wind speed
  4. 4)  Wind direction (Eight cardinal positions)
  5. 5)  Barometer
  6. 6)  Rainfall

All of these parameters employ high performance unique 1 Wire technology digital sensors. We have provision for monitoring sound pollution too. For this we employ Brule & Kjer FALCON series microphones with their respective signal conditioner circuitry. Every system is equipped with a unique ID. No two systems in the world can have same ID. This gives the system a unique global identifier. 

The data transmitted by the system always has this unique ID. This may be associated with the location where the system is installed. The information from this system can easily be viewed from any part of the world through the web site to which it transmits data.

The system employs sensors based on Amperometry. PH measurement is an example of Amperometric measurement. This technique involves direct measurement of the desired gas concentration. The concentration has a direct bearing on the Amperometric current. This follows the standard electromotive series observations. 

However in case of chemi- luminance, the concentration of the gas is the function of absorption of radiation. A photo multiplier quantifies, it essentially converts the exposed radiation to a current signal. The advantage with electrochemical sensor based system is that it doesn’t require day-to-day calibration process, and a simple readout unit is all that is required with the appropriate signal conditioner. We have extended this principle further by adding a data filing & transmission system. 

The system produces a time & date stamp with the Global identifier station code & the measured data. This is internally archived and transmitted to a host site through TCP/IP.  We can also provide data connectivity by TCP/IP through GSM networks, Ahort Burst Communication based on Iridium Satellite.

Finally what this means...

nNo more cumbersome sample collection procedures.

nData is automatically catalogued with respect to each location. Thus manual tabulation, prone to errors is completely avoided.

nBetter management of Vehicular traffic & better regulatory measures for Industries

nTransparency & Data available for Global Audience.


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